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Who are the families that comprise Priority Pediatrics?

Priority Pediatrics is built on a model of service that is especially suited for:

  • Busy professionals who cannot afford to miss work and important billable hours. The doctor can schedule your appointment to meet your convenience and needs.  Meet before work, after work or during your lunch hour.
  • Individuals who prefer to keep their privacy and do not want to sit in a waiting area.
  • Parents who value unrushed visits with their doctor in the quiet of their home.
  • Children whose immune systems are compromised and cannot risk exposure to other sick children. The comfort of your home is your waiting room.
  • Young adults who cannot miss sports practice or musical, dance and theatrical rehearsals. Appointments can be set for early evening or on weekends.
  • Children whose disabilities make them especially difficult to transport.
  • Parents who travel a lot. Now the doctor can see your child while he or she is at home with the babysitter, grandparents or nanny. The doctor will email or call you to report his findings. You are, of course, always able to speak to the doctor directly.
  • Parents of multiples.  Now the doctor comes to you and makes staying healthy easier.  No more multiple appointments, babysitter expenses and time lost from work.
  • Grandparents who want their grandchildren to have the "old fashioned quality and care" that they experienced as a child.

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