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  • Helping Parents Recognize Learning Red Flags: Take N.O.T.E.
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Helping Parents Recognize Learning Red Flags: Take N.O.T.E.

Helping Parents Recognize Learning Red Flags 

Understood has launched Take N.O.T.E.™, an initiative developed in partnership with the AAP, which centers on a memory device to help families spot signs of possible learning disabilities and ADHD in their children. The initiative includes free, digital-first resources in English and Spanish for parents to use when they notice their child struggling with behavior changes or if they are concerned about developmental delays.

Are you wondering why your child is struggling?

Figuring out what’s going on can feel overwhelming. That’s why Take N.O.T.E. is here to help. Introducing a simple step-by-step tool to help you figure out if the struggles you’re seeing might be signs of a learning and thinking difference.

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