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Parent's Guide

Solutions to Today’s Most Common Behavior Problems in the Home


by Stephen B. McCarney, Ed.D. &
Angela M. Bauer, M.Ed.

© 1990


This is one of the most valuable resources available for today’s parents.

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The Parent’s Guide is a collection of specific strategies for the 102 most common behavior problems encountered in and around the home. This is one of the most comprehensive guides available for parents to improve parenting skills by providing positive interventions to remediate the behavior problems of children and youth. The Parent’s Guideis the perfect resource for parents of special needs children, foster parents, adoptive parents, or any parent/guardian who wishes to improve his or her skills in coping with the demands of raising children today. As parents and guardians use the Parent’s Guide, their skills will improve as they apply the specific intervention strategies to behavior problems encountered in the home environment. 
The user-friendly format of the Parent’s Guide (240 pages, © 1990) will prove much more useful and convenient than other resources on the subject because the guide was developed to respond to the need to know what to do - NOW. The Parent’s Guide reduces the need for costly and time-consuming training programs by placing an authoritative resource in the hands and homes of parents where it is most needed.


Characteristics of The Parent’s Guide 

The Parent’s Guide 

  • contains strategies for dealing with the 102 most common behavior problems around the home,
  • has a comprehensive listing of strategies that allows parents/guardians to select the specific strategies which are most likely to be successful, 
  • is individualized, and
  • is used by parents or guardians in the home environment.


Parent's Guide


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