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Auvi-Q Auto-Injector Available Again for Life-threatening Allergies

Auvi-Q is once again available for life-threatening allergic emergencies_anaphylaxis. This automatic systen delivers adrenalin (epinephrine) to reverse serious allergic reactions. This is a cool device and talks you through the steps of administration. It delivers one dose only. The most useful feature of this device is that it is easily carried in an adolescent's pocket or a parent's purse. 

Alternative adrenalin devices are the EpiPen and the generic Adrenaclick. All deliver adrenalin. Only Auvi-Q has an audio system of real-time instruction when needed and is easily pocket-portable. Price and insurance coverage are also factors in your choice of which to carry. 

Recommendations are for an individual to have access to two auto injectors, NOT just one, and after use, to seek emergency care quickly for further evaluation and treatment. All units require a doctor's prescription. 

Persons with serious life-threatening allergic reactions ALWAYS need to be prepared.

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