Concierge FAQ's

What is Concierge Medicine?
A concierge practice is a style of medical practice that returns to the service model in which doctors made house calls and knew all their patients by name. Today, by paying a retainer, our staff is able to deliver the same conscientious care. We take care of fewer patients, allowing more time to fully meet their needs. This type of practice has also been called concierge, boutique, retainer, direct-care and personalized medicine and has been recognized by the AMA and the American Academy of Private Physicians (formally SIMPD). This type of healthcare is ideally suited to provide ongoing primary care to infants, children and adolescents in their home environment.

Is Priority Pediatrics PC available to care for children without paying an annual retainer fee?
Yes. Priority Pediatrics is pleased to offer sick and consultative healthcare to infants, children and adolescents in their homes. Camp physicals and sport pre-participation exams are also available to you. A medical record will be generated and sent to the primary physician of your choice. In addition to the physician's standard medical charge, a travel fee will be added per house-call visit. Well-care and ongoing health care management, however, remains the purview of the patients primary pediatrician. To schedule an appointment or obtain further information, please our practice manager at (404) 654-0426.

Will my insurance be accepted at Priority Pediatrics?
We don’t bill your insurance directly. Our billing company will mail you an itemized bill of the services rendered and the associated charges. The credit card that you keep on file with us will allow us, with your permission, to charge medical expenses and fees associated with your doctor's visits. We will then email a credit card transaction receipt to you within a few days. By mail, you will receive a properly coded and itemized statement of medical services for your insurer. You may submit the statement directly to your insurer for your contracted reimbursement or application to your deductible. Alternatively, our billimg company can prepare a claim for you and submit it on your behalf to your insurer for a nominal fee. All monies that your insurer pays to you are yours to keep. This documentation can also serve as a record for your health savings account of flexible spending account.

Where can I learn about the details of my insurance plan?
Ask for and carefully read your plan's written policies. The policies describing the details of your plan are often called a certificate of coverage. All insurance plans are required to prepare materials that are clearly written and comprehensive. If you have questions, talk to a representative of the plan. If your plan is through your employer, talk to the personnel or benefits manager. Services covered by the plan may change periodically. Review your plan at least annually. All plans limit some services, such as mental health care and home health care. If your child needs services that are limited by your plan, please be aware of this and feel free to tell us. Ask if your plans covers immunizations for your children from an out-of-network pediatrician. Do not assume that a service will be covered. Be certain that it will. Keep written records of your discusseions with your plan, the name of agents and their empoyee I.D. numbers to verify later what you have been told.

Do I need to carry health insurance on my kids since you are out-of-network?
You should always carry health insurance on your children, if you are able. Insurance protects you from unforeseeable health risks and catastrophic financial losses. In the rare times that your child is hospitalized or needs expensive tests or consulting physicians, your insurance can safeguard you from these very costly out-of-pocket bills.

Can my yearly retainer fee be paid for with pre-tax dollars from my Health Savings Account?
Yes, however, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor and your benefits manager. We will gladly supply the necessary documentation for reimbursement. Your retainer fee is paid in quarterly installments and actually represents the medical service of Healthcare Planning and Coordination of care and is coded as such (CPT code 99358). It is not a membership fee.

What if I think my child needs to see a doctor after practice hours?  Do I need to go to the emergency room?
Just pick up the phone and speak to Dr. Tanenbaum directly. If together you agree that your child is in need of medical care before the morning, then Dr. Tanenbaum can make a house visit and save you a trip to the emergency room. In the unusual event that your child's trauma or sickness necessitates a visit to the emergency room or Urgent Care, Dr. Tanenbaum will send you there. If you feel that time is of the essence, and a phone call to Dr. T would delay needed care, go to the closest urgent care center or emergency room. Place a call to Dr. T from there while your child is getting needed care. These situations are often 9-1-1 events and may require emergency transportation.

What if we are traveling and the kids are in the care of a babysitter, grandparent of nanny?
No problem. As your child’s personal physician, I will visit your child at home and call you, Skype you, Facetime you or email you the results of my visit.

What if my child is in college and would like to discuss a health concern with you?
College students can reach the doctor by phone, text message, Skype, Google Hangout or by a confidential, secured, web page, or "Ask Me a Question" email. Technology makes it easy for your adolescent or young adult to remain close to Dr. Tanenbaum even though he/she may be miles away. Refills of prescriptions can also be handled in the same manner.

How does my child get their flu immunizations?
Like all necessary immunizations, Dr. Tanenbaum can administer them at your home or other preferred location. And by the way, protecting our kids means protecting their caretakers. For a nominal charge, Dr. Tanenbaum will give influenza and selected routine immunizations to all healthy adult family members and caretakers who desire them. As mentioned above, please check with your insurer to determine if vaccines given by an out-of-network physician are a covered benefit.

We would love to be a part of Priority Pediatrics but the expense is more than we can handle right now.  Can the grandparents pay the retainer fee for their grandkids?
Absolutely! By the way, paying the retainer fee for newborns is a lovely and substantial baby gift. You might suggest it to them. It is the gift of caring that keeps on giving, 24/7/365.

What if my child goes into the hospital?
Your child's day-to-day care in the hospital will be overseen by a hospitalist. Dr. Tanenbaum can act as an advocate for you at the hospital. He will be happy to visit your child daily at Northside Hospital and Children's HealthCare of Atlanta at the Scottish Rite or Egleston campuses, where he is on staff. He will look over your child and read the medical chart daily for changes. He will explain, consult, and help you communicate your wishes to the medical staff while your child is there. There are no added charges to you for this service. The Hospitalist is the Physician of Record for your insurer. Service is what Priority Pediatrics is all about.

How will you know when I have delivered my baby so that you can visit?
Dr. Tanenbaum will know that you have delivered because you or a family member will call him on his cell phone and tell him. Then, he can be among the first to visit you and your newest family member. He will examine your baby and answer any and all questions that you have. While in the hospital nursery, the pediatric hospitalist or neonatologist will be the main doctor for your baby. Dr. T will visit at no charge to assist with the care of the hospital physician. We will then set up an appointment for your baby's first home visit.

If I have school health forms, sports forms, or camp health forms that need to be filled out, what do I do?
First fill out all parent portions of the form that you can. Then fax the forms to Priority Practice at the practice fax number, (678) 806-0900. Dr. T will fill the forms out within one or two days and fax them back to you or drop them in the mail. If we have not seen your child within the year and the doctor is unable to fill them out, he will call you to set up an appointment so he can sign off on the forms in a timely manner. Remember that sport pre-participation exams are best done at least a month before the forms are due to be sure that any issue or condition that might put your child at risk in the sport can be recognized and attended to.

Just how expensive is the yearly retainer for all your services?
In most cases, the yearly retainer per infant is less than one hour of school tutoring per month or about the cost of a daily caffe-latte. The yearly retainer will lessen as the child and siblings get older so that children over age 15 years cost a little more than a dollar a day. Twin and triplet discounts are available.

Who will help me when you are on vacation?
For the few times when Dr. Tanenbaum is not available to see you, another pediatrician will take your calls. The covering physician will not provide house calls or concierge services, but will offer you their best medical advice. The covering doctor's usual form of payment will be in effect. Your insurance and usual co-pay will apply.

Q & A with Dr. T  

Interviewing a pediatrician in person is a very important step toward making a selection of your child's doctor. This information is presented as an opportunity to learn something about Dr. Tanenbaum and his medical philosophy. 

Dr.T, what are some of your special interests?
I enjoy taking care of infants, children, and young adults from birth through college. Each age presents different challenges and rewards. I am interested in sports medicine, infectious disease, allergy, and developmental/behavioral issues. 

Will you come to the hospital to see my newborn baby? 
Yes, it will be my utmost pleasure to come to the newborn nursery at Northside Hospital to examine your newborn baby. I will visit your hospital room to talk with you after making rounds in the nursery every day, usually in the morning.  I will also visit your newborn in other birth facilities as well in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

What might my baby look like after the birth?
You might enjoy this information from the Mayo Clinic, and from the Baby Center, and from What to Expect.

When should I bring my baby to your office after I leave the hospital?
Since I make house calls and don't have a physical office, you never have to bring your newborn baby to a pediatric office. I will come to you. I usually like to see your newborn baby on the fourth or fifth day of life if you leave the hospital before the baby is 72 hours of age.  Please ask the nursery pediatric hospitalist or me this question when rounds are made on your last hospital day.  At that time we can be more specific about the timing of my first visit to your home to see your newborn. Should you go home on that last nursery day, please call me to schedule the baby's first appointment.

If you are very busy and my child needs to be seen today, what is your policy? 
I will always try to provide the health care your child needs in a timely, sensitive, and caring manner. When you call for an appointment, my office manager, Shelly,  or I will call you back to offer advice and/or to get more detailed information about the nature of your problem. Sick infants are seen quickly. Please share with us helpful details to assist in scheduling a timely and appropriate appointment. And if you have special concerns about what the problem might be or how serious the situation feels, or if you are very frightened, please always share this information with us. 

Will my child have a primary doctor or does he/she see whomever is handling sick patients that day?  
I am a solo practitioner and I am your child's primary doctor. I have made an arrangement with excellent pediatric practitioners to help my patients when I am occasionally unavailable. Sometimes I will be out of town at a medical conference, attending a wedding or on vacation with my family. I hope you will have the same confidence in my colleagues that you have in me if you need health care when I am unavailable. When you call my direct patient telephone number, if I do not answer, the message that you hear will advise you what to do if I am unavailable, for example, as the bride is coming down the aisle.

How are calls for advice handled during practice hours? During evening and weekend hours?
My patients have my personal direct cell phone number.  Should you call me while I am seeing other patients, you will be able to leave me a voice mail if I can't answer the phone at that time.  I will call you back at my earliest opportunity, usually within an hour. If you have not been called back within a couple of hours, and the problem has not gone away, please call again.

Does your office provide care over the phone?
Yes. Much of what we do is to offer symptom-relieving care by phone. The challenge for parents and for us is always to try to recognize which child requires more than telephone care. Prescribing antibiotics by telephone is frought with hazard and inaccuracy. I prefer not to do that, and usually request a visit if I feel that antibiotics might be needed.  Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words. Jpeg photos of rashes and bug bites can sometimes be handled by phone.

Do you charge for telephone call advice?
No! Telephone, confidential email, electronic prescription refill requests, Skype, Facetime and Google Hangout communication options are some of the services that are offered to you as patients of Priority Pediatrics, PC, and are not covered by your insurer. These services are included as part of our quarterly participation fee.

What are your average waiting times for scheduling a routine visit?
I will make every effort to meet your scheduling needs to the best of my ability. 

What are your waiting times to be seen after arrival for my scheduled appointment time? 
As a house-call pediatrician, there is NO WAIT once I arrive at your home to see your child. We all know Atlanta traffic, but barring DOT highway problems and the rare flat tire (one in nine years!), I will make every effort to be at your home on time or call you to forewarn you of traffic delays or medical emergencies that detain me.  I also like to text you that "I am on the way" so you know I am in route to your home using my GPS program.

What are your ideas about breast feeding? 
I strongly support breast feeding, but I do recognize and acknowledge a mother's individual right to choose how she will feed her baby. We offer nutritional advice and support whenever we can. The following web videos might prove helpfull to you: Breastfeeding 411; and  Free Video: Successful Breastfeeding: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started.

What are your ideas about discipline? 
I believe in loving discipline. After all, the word discipline is derived from the Latin word for "teaching." I certainly believe in teaching children about the world and appropriate behavior, manners and decorum. I find that variations on the theme of "time-out" and "contract agreements" are usually effective. 

What is your advice about letting our healthy baby cry? 
Sometimes it is necessary to allow a baby to cry in order to help your baby learn how to self-quiet; but only after attending to your infant's immediate needs and comforts, e.g., hunger, wetness, burping, rash relief, clothing comforts, etc.  Babies who don't cry are already experts at self-quieting. Babies who cry can learn to self-quiet, but humanely, please. 

What are your ideas about use of medications? 
I believe in using medication appropriately to relieve symptoms when relief is necessary. I don't believe in medicines for medicine's sake. The use of medicine is a science and an art, and I am engaged in a life-long professional effort to relieve suffering and improve health. I try to use medicines safely and appropriately. 

What are your ideas about antibiotic use? 
I do believe in and use antibiotics, but as mentioned above, almost never by phone. I am well aware of the debate and controversy about antibiotics and strive to be current and well informed. On occasion and after a full discussion of pros and cons with a parent, we may choose not to use an antibiotic and monitor the situation carefully with you. 

What are your ideas about immunizations?
I do believe in immunizations. Vaccines have saved more lives than all the antibiotics ever used or ever will be used, and all the doctors who have ever lived or ever will live! Vaccines, not antibiotics are a doctor's Number One Tool to prevent many illnesses. That having been said, I try to educate you_ the decision makers_ and obtain your permission to administer age appropriate immunizations for the health of your child and that of our community.

How do you handle payment for services?
As a retainer-based physician, I will charge for my home-visit medical services and prefer to process your on-file credit card. Our billing company will generate a properly coded insurance statement of services for you, which you can submit with a claim to your insurer for reimbursement for covered services. This form can also serve as proof of medical service for your HSA or Flexible Spending  account. Should you have an HSA or FSA debit card, this can also be used for payment.  Many of our patients and fellow retainer physicians tell us that insurers often reimburse 70-100% of covered charges.

Will you help me evaluate doctors recommended by my health plan?
If I know the doctors on your plan, yes. If I don't know them, I will tell you so. 

Until what age will you continue to see my child?
Through age 21 or 22. It is a thrill to see a child grow, graduate high school, visit from college and then enter the working world and start their own family. Many of my former patients are now returning to my practice as parents themselves. What a privilege to take care of the next generation, too!

Do you refer only to pediatric specialists? 
Yes and no. Although we use pediatric specialists most of the time, there are many skilled specialists who see children and adults whom we use on occasion as well.

Thank you for these wonderful questions. I look forward to meeting each of you in your home and seeing your children as they grow. If you think of additional questions that you would like me to answer in this format, please advise me or my Office Manager, Shelly, and I will be happy to respond.  Members of the practice can reach me through this website through "Member Access" under "Online Resources."


Dr. T

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