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August 26, 2019
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This is an excellent article from The Child Mind Institute:

You can find information on Tips for Helping Children After the Event, Tips for Helping Kids Recover in a Healthy Way, How to Help Children Ages 0-2, How to Help Children Ages 2-5, How to Help Children Ages 6-11, and How to Help Children Ages 12-18. You can also find What Teachers Can Do to Help Students.


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June 06, 2019
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Today I listened to a one hour Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics about imminent guidelines for proof of receipt of immunization against Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine at age 16 hears on entry to the 11th grade in high school. Parents should expect to hear or have heard about this updated requirement. The school system has about 14 months to effect procedure to make this a reality by August of 2020.  

At the end of the medical presentation, Jamie Shanbaum, shared her personal story of Meningococcal illness when she was 20 years old in college in Texas. All parents should hear her experience in her own words. I hope to attach an MP3 file of her talk in the near future. Meanwhile her is her story on her web page,

The Meningococcal ACWY vaccine is offered at age 11 years and needs a booster at age 16 for protection against this rapidly invasive bacteria with serious debilitating or fatal consequences from illness that can occur in highschool and college. 

CDC Vaccine Information Sheets:

May 14, 2019
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Teen Smoking, Vaping On The Rise In Atlanta, Georgia.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (5/10) reported that “smoking among on the rise nationwide and in metro Atlanta, and a likely part of the reason is a new technology – e-cigarettes – that allows students to sneak hits of nicotine and other substances banned on school grounds.” Although “many young users don’t know it, e-cigarettes deliver high levels of nicotine, raising fears about the impact on the sensitive, developing brains of young people and hooking a new generation on the potent drug.” Dr. Rachel Boykan, “a co-author of a study released last month by The American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of the executive committee of the academy’s section on tobacco control,” said, “The subjects in our study who used vaping devices described much more addictive behavior than the ones who smoked (regular) cigarettes. ... The high concentration of nicotine itself is a concern.”







October 30, 2018
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Half of parents surveyed say flu shot causes the flu


by  | TuesdayOct. 30, 2018, 1:33 a.m. of TribLive


A new survey on parents’ attitudes toward the flu vaccine may shed light on why some continue to resist it even though not getting vaccinated could put their children in danger.

A national survey of 700 parents by Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital showed more than half the respondents said the flu shot can cause flu. One-third said the flu shot didn’t work.

“With any medication or vaccine, people are going to have concerns,” Dr. Jean Moorjani, a board-certified pediatrician at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, said in a news release. “Because information can come from so many places, from friends and family to the internet, it’s important to talk to a doctor you trust to get credible information that is based in science and facts.”

The survey also found:

• 30 percent of the respondents thought flu shot is a conspiracy.

• 28 percent said flu caused autism.

“After extensive studies, we know that the flu vaccine is safe,” Moorjani said. “You cannot get autism from the flu vaccine. It is not a conspiracy for doctors to recommend the flu vaccine. Doctors recommend it because we know — based on science, research and facts — that it is the best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu.”

Here’s a bit of good news from the survey: about 70 percent of the parents said that the flu vaccine is the best way to protect their children from flu.

“It takes time for your body to get strong and ready for flu season, which is why we recommend everybody get the shot as soon as they can. If you are infected with the flu shortly after getting your flu shot, your body may not be able to fight it off,” Moorjani said.

Naseem S. Miller is a writer for the Orlando Sentinel.


My take on this is simply three points:


1] A non-viable vaccine made from components of a live organism can not grow and reproduce even in this age of Zombie SciFi as in "The Walking Dead." A killed vaccine can not grow and cause the disease called by the living organism. Period!

2] Any vaccine can cause side-effects, but these side-effects are nominal compared to the illness caused by the live germ.

3] Most vaccines take at least two weeks after administration to produce enough protective antibodies to prevent the illness for which it is given. In other words, a person can develop the illness, e.g. influenza, from exposure to others who are ill before antibodies are sufficient to protect the immunized person. That's why it is wise to get a flu shot in early Autumn before exposure to flu is more likely as we move into the winter season.


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