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March 13, 2018
Category: Technology
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Parents Need To Talk To Their Kids About Sexting At A Young Age, Psychologist Says.


In the New York Times (3/12, Subscription Publication) “The Checkup” blog, Perri Klass, MD, spoke with “Sheri Madigan, a psychologist who was first author of a large study on digital sexual activity published at the end of February in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.” Madigan recommended that parents begin talking to their children about sexting at a young age. For teenagers, “parents need to be willing to consider the idea that sexting may happen in the context of healthy relationships, Dr. Madigan said.” Still, parents “need to be willing to go over more problematic scenarios, including what happens if the relationship ends, especially if photos have been sent.”

Help kids with cell phones get the message: Say no to ‘sexting’

Embedded ImageWith more and more children using cell phones to call, text and send images, parents should consider the risks to kids who use them for illegal and regrettable purposes.One such activity is “sexting,” the sending of text messages with pictures of children or teens who are naked or engaged in sexual acts.

One in five teens participates in “sexting,” according to a nationwide survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. The emotional pain it causes can be enormous for the child in the picture as well as the sender and receiver — and often involves legal implications.

Parents should talk with children about sexting before a problem arises and introduce the issue as soon as a child is old enough to have a cell phone, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The following tips from the AAP can help parents have a conversation with children about sexting:

Ask kids about the issue, even if it has not directly impacted the community.

Gauge your child’s understanding of sexting and then offer an age-appropriate explanation. Alert younger children with cell phones who do not yet know about sex that text messages should never contain pictures of kids or adults without their clothes on, kissing or touching each other in ways that they have never seen before. For older children, use the term “sexting” and give more specific information about sex acts they may know about. For teens, be specific that “sexting” often involves pictures of a sexual nature and is considered pornography.

Make sure kids of all ages understand that sexting is considered a crime in many jurisdictions. In all communities, there will be serious consequences if they sext, possibly involving the police, suspension from school and notes on their permanent record that could hurt their chances of getting into college or finding a job.

P.S. It is my understanding that even being the passive recipient of an unsolicited sexting message is a Federal crime with serious consequences. Advise your child NOT to delete the communication but to show you and tell you about it. Even when "deleted" the communication may yet remain on the hard drive of the electronic device. Should you and your child find yourself in this situation, get formal advise from an attorney about what to do.

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March 01, 2018
Category: Books

Queen Bees and Wannabes, 3rd Edition: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boys, and the New Realities of Girl World


I am adding this to my reading list as a father of three daughters!

“My daughter used to be so wonderful. Now I can barely stand her and she won’t tell me anything. 

How can I find out what’s going on?”

“There’s a clique in my daughter’s grade that’s making her life miserable. She doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Her own supposed friends are turning on her, and she’s too afraid to do anything. What can I do?”

Welcome to the wonderful world of your daughter’s adolescence. A world in which she comes to school one day to find that her friends have suddenly decided that she no longer belongs. Or she’s teased mercilessly for wearing the wrong outfit or having the wrong friend. Or branded with a reputation she can’t shake. Or pressured into conforming so she won’t be kicked out of the group. For better or worse, your daughter’s friendships are the key to enduring adolescence—as well as the biggest threat to her well-being.

In her groundbreaking book, Queen Bees and Wannabes, Empower cofounder Rosalind Wiseman takes you inside the secret world of girls’ friendships. Wiseman has spent more than a decade listening to thousands of girls talk about the powerful role cliques play in shaping what they wear and say, how they respond to boys, and how they feel about themselves. In this candid, insightful book, she dissects each role in the clique: Queen Bees, Wannabes, Messengers, Bankers, Targets, Torn Bystanders, and more. She discusses girls’ power plays, from birthday invitations to cafeteria seating arrangements and illicit parties. She takes readers into “Girl World” to analyze teasing, gossip, and reputations; beauty and fashion; alcohol and drugs; boys and sex; and more, and how cliques play a role in every situation.

Each chapter includes “Check Your Baggage” sections to help you identify how your own background and biases affect how you see your daughter. “What You Can Do to Help” sections offer extensive sample scripts, bulleted lists, and other easy-to-use advice to get you inside your daughter’s world and help you 
help her.

It’s not just about helping your daughter make it alive out of junior high. This book will help you understand how your daughter’s relationship with friends and cliques sets the stage for other intimate relationships as she grows and guides her when she has tougher choices to make about intimacy, drinking and drugs, and other hazards. With its revealing look into the secret world of teenage girls and cliques, enlivened with the voices of dozens of girls and a much-needed sense of humor, Queen Bees and Wannabes will equip you with all the tools you need to build the right foundation to help your daughter make smarter choices and empower her during this baffling, tumultuous time of life.