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June 10, 2018
Category: Technology



New Apple App Will Let Parents Set Time Limits On How Long Their Kids Can Use Apps.

The NPR (6/4) “The Two-Way” blog reports that on June 4, Apple “announced a new app to allow users to get reports on how much their kids are using particular apps on their iPhones and iPads.” The app, called Screen Time, “will let parents set time limits on how long their children can use apps, from Netflix to Snapchat, said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering.” In addition, the app will allow parents “to limit access to some apps and websites,” and one option is even “designed to get kids to unplug from their devices at bedtime.”



        Media and Children


Nearly Half Of Parents Concerned Their Kids May Be Addicted To Mobile Devices.

The CBS Weekend News (6/2) reported children eight and under “spend an average of two hours and 19 minutes in front of a screen every day,” and 47 percent of parents worry their children may be addicted to mobile devices. Caroline Knorr, senior parenting editor, Common Sense Media, said parents are “struggling with how to reap the benefits of technology while minimizing some of the risks,” and suggested “paying close attention to kids’ demeanor while using their devices, and creating a schedule with guidelines on the types of tech activities they can do and for how long.”