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April 19, 2018
Category: Substance Abuse
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Teens, Young Adults Who Use Cannabis More Frequently More Likely To Have Some Reductions In Cognitive Functioning, Review Suggests.

TIME (4/18) reports that a review published online April 18 in JAMA Psychiatry analyzed “69 studies involving younger cannabis users,” that is, teenagers and young adults. Investigators “found that compared to non-users, those who used marijuana frequently were more likely to have slightly lower scores on tests of memory, learning new information and higher level thinking involving problem solving and processing information.”

        HealthDay (4/18) reports that “after 72 hours of abstinence,” however, “the memory and thinking deficits of heavy users diminishes to the point of insignificance when compared against the intellectual capacity of nonusers,” the review revealed. It still remains unclear “whether smoking pot for decades could lead to deeper and more persistent declines in mental ability.”


My take: Let the College Student & Young Professional beware!


Dr. T